Mechanical Draughtsmanship (SKM 3)

Mechanical Draughtsmanship is an important profession for the continuity of the country economic development.


Generally, a draughtsperson should possess the following four core competencies in order to be competent as recognize by Malaysian Skills Certificate:



The incumbent for this position belongs to the support group of the organisation.

The members must possess Mechanical Engineering Draughtsmanship function competencies such as computer application, clerical support services function, training logistics support function, and all other technical support functions required to enable them to undertake their duties and responsibilities effectively.

Generally an effective Mechanical Engineering Draughtsperson demonstrates strong technical skills, detail and imaginative. Similar to other organization members, Mechanical Draughtsperson must uphold the goals and vision of the organisation. This requires the incumbent to have knowledge of the business of the organisation. 

Drafters work in a room or an office that is conducive and usually equipped with airconditioned and peaceful. Such working environment is very important to drafters whose work require them to be focused and long deep concentration to produce the technical drawings. 

It covers sectors in engineering, manufacturing, development, agriculture, medical, construction etc.

And the benefits are enjoyed by most workforce and businessmen in Malaysia. 
Individuals who have plunged into this area have promising future and wider career path should they work hard, honest, and apply competencies as part of their lives culture.


Draughtsmanship itself falls into many sectors and subsectors. In general it covers mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical & electronic, architecture & building, Naval Architecture, land survey & marine engineering and also infrastructure sectors. Although it covers various sectors, the concept, development system and nature or work are similar. For the purpose of NOSS development and training, focus will only be given to Mechanical Engineering Draughtsmanship Level 3 only.


In many situations, drafters plays the supporting roles to designers that are made up of architects, design engineers, maintenance engineers, structural engineers, surveyors, professional builders and other related professionals. Specific for Mechanical Engineering Draughtsmanship Level 3, they also supported the role of a Design Engineer in sectors such as the engineering, manufacturing, facilities, and structure and so on.

Astonians International College is the only Bumiputera training provider offering Mechanical Draughtsmanship programs in East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.


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